Thank you for you interest in Fort Bend Ducks. We are looking forward to having a great season and sharing many awesome moments with you and your family. Early Registration will begin December 1st for all of our returning players and Open Registration will begin January 15th for all new players.

To complete your registration you will need to (1) complete the form, (2) make a payment, (3) email required documents to  The items listed below are required for registration. You can either scan your documents or take a picture of them with your phone.

Please note that you are still required to fill out the official FBYFBL registration form for the league. 

  1. One (1) Original Birth Certificate (new players only)
  2. Two (2) Copies of Birth Certificate
  3. Two (2) Copies of Report Card
Athlete's Name *
Athlete's Name
Date Of Birth *
Date Of Birth
Jersey # Choice 1
Jersey # Choice 2
Jersey # Choice 3
Cell Phone *
Cell Phone
Cell Phone
Cell Phone
Waiver Of Liability *